The ZERBINI MODELLI S.r.l. was founded in 1984 by its current CEO, Paul ZERBINI, an expert in the field of construction of models for car bodies, advertising design, objects, nautical, design and implementation of control gauges. Over the years the company has developed considerable experience in the field of design and style working with major style centers of Northern Italy and reaching to develop fully in the interior, the design of a city car presented at the International the Turin 2000, the HOLA. Currently, our company is specialized in the production of models, checking fixtures and molds, using CNC milling, small and large, with the use of various materials such as polystyrene, polyurethane, epowood, wood, aluminum, fiberglass, carbon fibers and other. In the marine industry we specialize in making models of very large (hulls, decks, deck, hard-top boat lengths of even greater than 30 meters), but also smaller elements such as bulkheads, elements of the interior. Over the recent years, moreover, the field of our expertise has been further extended to include the aviation industry. Indeed, we have created models of nacelles and other components for small aircraft, ultralight aircraft and seaplanes. Ns. Company is able to develop designs of modular type, also to offer service in the realization of models 3D CAD-CAM. The company has also developed, in person, the design and production of objects for the interior design and urban.





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